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Tree Stump Grinding/Removal

The DFW Stump Grinder


Affordable Stump Grinding

Thank you for choosing The DFW Stump Grinder. I look forward to meeting with customers and assisting them with their yard projects.

I work with Home Owners, Tree Company's, Contractors, and Landscapers on all types of tree projects. I Provide services for all of Fort Worth Texas, Dallas Texas and all surrounding areas.   Most stumps are grounded to a depth of 6 to 8 inches below grade where grass will grow over with no issues. I am able to go below the ground up to 16 inches and in most cases remove the Stump completely. The stump is turned into mulch/dirt mix that can be bagged or simply raked back into the hole. I will put dirt in the hole if required. I have specialized equipment that can go through 36 inch wide gates. I remove roots sticking up above the ground. I can also remove the root balls and roots from unwanted bushes. This process leaves little to no damage to your grass. I do not only get the stump, I remove the entire hump in the affected area. I have my DBA in Tarrant County, I am also fully insured. I will provide professional fast on time service, and ensure customer satisfaction before I leave any project.  

My prices are very affordable, and most often beat my competitors. My experience and knowledge gives you the reassurance that I know what I am doing and will minimize any chance of damage to the surrounding area. I provide no pressure-free quotes. Thank you again for your business.



Owner /Operator

Christo​pher Beasley

"Customer Satisfaction Every Job"


Thank You for supporting

Family Owned/Locally Operated Business

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